Happyday Bulk SMS has 83 million Nigerian GSM phone numbers arranged in state by state database. Are you running a Company, SMS Portal, Church, an Organization, Small and Medium scale Businesses, are you a politician or an individual? This offer is for you, with this phone numbers you can now advertise and communicate to 83 million Nigerian informing them about your product and services. People can ignore your advert on News papers, Radio stations, TV stations and even Billboard but can never ignore your adverts on the screen of their GSM phones.

Take great advantage of this one-in-a-lifetime-offer

Acquire our full database of 83 MILLION GSM NUMBERS....Classified by local government in each state & GSM network operator FOR ONLY N3,000.

To Order For The 83 million Gsm numbers,pay a sum of 3,000 into the bank below



ACCOUNT NAME: Stanislaus Okwor

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0008419786

After payment, kindly text the depositor's name, what you paid for, your email address and amount paid to 08033398769. We will get back to you as soon as we confirm your payment and your details.

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